Who We Are

When our little son Adam started crawling, we were looking for interesting and safe activities for him. His health and versatile development have led to the creation of our handmade production for your rooms.

After developing a stylish design, we make several test samples, improving each one. Baby Adam is the first to test all products and is the cutest model in our store. When we are completely satisfied with the result, we give others the opportunity to get safe, high quality, stylish, useful and easy to assemble products for children.

For all our products, we carefully use only the best certified and environmentally friendly materials on the market: the highest quality plywood, completely safe for use by children coatings, reliable fasteners. We care about the environment, so we use only antiallergic, non-toxic materials from responsible sources. Our products has passed all the necessary testing and safety testing by an independent European commission.

We also have a safety certificate for children's toys - CE.
Design of goods and toys developed by us using various innovative methods of education - Montessori, Pickler, Waldorf and others. They are aimed at the diverse development of our children - intellectual, physical, emotional.