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Excellency of Wood&Room

Our wood furnitures are provides an unique opportunity to meet toddlers developmental needs in a safe and supervised way.
This design was created following the inspiration of Montessori approach.

  • Conforms to the Montessori method

  • Muscle development & coordination

  • New ideas for children's games and activities

  • Stylish design for your play room

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Increase physical activity and general development of motility

  • Safely for use by childrew

  • Ecological material (non-toxic)

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About Us

When our little son Adam started crawling, we were looking for interesting and safe activities for him.

His health and versatile development have led to the creation of our handmade production for your rooms.

After developing a stylish design, we make several test samples, improving each one. When we are completely satisfied with the result, we give others the opportunity to get safe, high quality, stylish, useful and easy to assemble products for children.

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